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Trouble From the Start



I finally made my decision on which stock tank to use for my pond. I originally was pondering on the Rubbermaid 100 gallon. After reading several bad reviews on that particular tank, I decided to go with the 150 gallon. Normally I don't pay attention to reviews, it's mainly filled with nonsense. Really wish I had the room for the 300 gallon. Back to the topic. I picked up the tank from Tractor Supply, Added the river rock and filled it up right away. By the the time it was done filling the bulkhead was already leaking.

I didn't really feel like hauling it back to Tractor Supply. You would think it would be an easy fix, maybe it wasn't fastened tight enough. Know matter how tight I turned the knob the leak continued. Second idea was to re-tape the nut. No luck there either. Tried many different times, went through a whole roll of tape. At this point I was getting really frustrated and the hot weather wasn't helping either. I did some more searching, seems the 150 gallon has some bad reviews on the leaking issue.

Finally came up with an idea. Fill the hole of the bulkhead with aquarium silicone. 2 days later, no leaks and everything is fine now. Only draw back is that the plug can never be used, which I had no plans to use it anyways. What a big headache. Glad its over and now, just waiting to get the fish.


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That's really exciting! I can't wait to see fish in that pond. :)

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