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Plumbing II: Return of the Water



I have finally gotten almost all of my return plumbing done! For the plumbing from the sump back to the tank, I decided to use flexible clear tubing, which has been an adventure. I think I might almost prefer working in PVC. Anyway, I now have tubing that goes up from the pump:


Out of the sump:


And then splits to return to the tank.


Only half of it is completely shoved together, because I want to be able to take it all apart to move it. As you can kiiiiinda see in that last picture, I decided to go with plastic hose clamps rather than metal ones. I did this because about half of them will be underwater, and metal hose clamps underwater are a really bad idea. I've never worked with these before, though. Whereas metal clamps have a screw you use to tighten them, these have a series of teeth that are reasonably easy to push together but impossible to pull apart. These are the right size for the hose I used according to where I bought them, but I could only get them to click like maybe 2-3 clicks together once I put them around the hose assemblies, even after pressing them together with just about all my weight. Has anyone else used them before? Is that normal? I guess I'll find out how well they clamp when I test the whole system.

Anyway, I also made the hose returns that go up through my overflow box. Here is what those look like now:


You can see on the left that I have a tube that goes up and over the overflow, then ends in a little output nozzle. This is a pretty neat piece of plumbing, I think. Here is another picture of that particular piece:


On the right side of the first overflow box picture, you can see where I will attach a spray bar. I have to make that, though, and I haven't even gotten supplies for it yet. So that's another day and another post. Should be fun. After I finish that, I think I'll be done with the plumbing for this tank. Whoa.

Also something I might do: I'm thinking I'll get a ball valve for the left side tubing after the tee in the third picture--the side where the water just goes straight through. This should let me change the balance of water between the two branches, so I can get more water going to the right branch, if I want to. Just another way to let me fine-tune things, which is something I'll always vote for.


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Ooh. Getting closer and closer :)

I know! I'm so excited. We're gonna start shopping for a house to put this lovely contraption into within the next few weeks also!

Lookin' good!!

Thanks, MJ. Sometimes I go downstairs where the tank is just to look at it, and it doesn't even have any water or fish in it yet!

Gosh you always blow me away with your handiness! I cannot wait to see the test run!

I am excited for that part also! I think I'll have to find some kind of technology around here that's actually suitable for making videos, though. I don't think pictures will do it justice.

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