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Very appropriate for summertime, SAND!



Hi there!

Today i got a new light, and even though i've only had it for about 6 hours, i absolutely love it! It is so bright and pretty, and it is so much smaller than my old bulky hood :) i also got a glass lid, which is really great because i can see my finned friends from above! So cool! and after i got my new betta, (in this thread http://www.kokosgold...2-my-new-betta/ ) i decided i love the look of the sand! so of course i HAD to get some for B&E's tank! I plan on getting lots of plants from Planted Aquariums Central, but i am completely and totally broke at the moment, so that won't happen for a few weeks at least...looks like i'd better get started on my chores! ;)

so, finally, here are the pics! They are so precious how they stick together :heart






okay, i'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever...they just LOVE the sand, and they are happily sifting through it (they started the second i put a tiny clump of sand in!! lol), and when they sift through it, it leaves these adorable little prints:


Ahh!! too cute! Can't handle it! :rofl

Well, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Don't be afraid to be critical! Criticism is fabulous! It helps me make my tank prettier! :) (just remember that I WILL be getting plants, i just don't have the cash at the moment :) ) more pics when i get them!



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Looking good, Mandie! I would love to put sand in my tropical tank, so let me know how you like it maintenance wise :P

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I reallllllly love the way it looks. This is your best tank yet I think. The blue background with the sand is perfect. I can't wait to see it with plants :D Do you know what you are going to order yet for plants?

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Thanks guys! :) Bert and Ernie seem very happy :)


Thanks!! I like the blue background too, it's like the ocean! Perfect! :)

I'm thinking I'll get some anubias, italian Val, And some swords :)

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good choices. I think the val and swords will be really good because you want to get some plants with some height since your tank is tall :) You may want to add some root tabs for the swords since they are heavy root feeders :)

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Ooo, I like it! I'll be B & E will too. My fish are always pecking in the sand. :)

How deep is it?

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It looks great :D If you are interested, the next time I do some trimming on my tropical tank plants, I can send you some :)

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