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My fishy items



Over the past few years I've been collecting fishy type items to decorate on and around my tank. It's great now because I have a big tank stand with a nice top for laying things on, and there's free space on the wall next to the tank too. You can see some of them in this shot.


So here are the items I've gotten over the last few years:

A cute paperweight


A glass sculpture from Pier One


An awesome fantail! (thanks to Maeco)


This little sculpture made by Jartist, which I adore :heart


And recently this vase that I've always wanted


But I'm super excited about the things I picked up on my honeymoon.

The first is this fan from the Japanese store at Epcot


And here's the one I love the most....it's from the China store in Epcot. I :heart :heart :heart it!!!!!




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  • Regular Member

Love the cool stuff!!!

I would try to put that goldfish vase IN the tank! I think it would be neat to see them swim in & out of it (IF it's as big as it looks!) But that's just me!! :)

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  • Regular Member

I love your stuff, and Jeana has a fun idea about the vase.

I collect old Japanese pottery with raised dragons and some other designs. I'm dying for a goldfish piece, but I haven't seen anything good yet.

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  • Regular Member

I never even thought of putting the vase in the tank! I don't know if I would since my tank is decorated really naturally now, but in the future it's something I think I'd try. I don't know what my sister (the one who gave it to me) would think though, hahahaha.

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  • Regular Member

Thanks :)

I wanted the vase for a long time, it was at a local store (Stokes..you probably have them too Red?) and finally I got one!

I wish the photos did the ornament that I got at Disney justice. All the fins move, it really is beautiful.

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  • Regular Member

We do have Stokes here. :) Yay, I'm adding that vase to my Christmas list.

That ornament is very beautiful. I'm jealous!

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