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Give up the noms!



The demasoni fry are not shy when it comes to meal time. They are growing, and their fins have really developed. Their color is coming out too. Now they look like miniature versions of their parents. :D I still have them in the net because their mamas are still in the tank with them. That'll change soon. I'm going to take the mamas to the LFS, and all the fry will go too when they are grown. I enjoyed raising fry and all that, but african cichlids just aren't my thing. The thing is, I get upset when fish die, and these guys love to kill each other. I can't handle that, nor can my wallet handle constantly restocking the tank because lower numbers increase their aggression. So anyway, this will be my last batch of fry. They're a good batch. Have a look:


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Babies are so neat. That said, I think I would stress right the heck out if I had any. Good work!

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