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Redecorated the B&E Tank! :)



I changed the plan a bit while i was decorating. I really like how it turned out :) I still need to get plants for the little pots! They're actually tea light holders (tithra's idea!) but i found some shaped like pots and thought they were perfect! :) for now my moss balls are in them.

The pictures make the background look super bright for some reason. its not that bright blue, dim your screen a bit :P

please excuse the brown algae, i have to clean that off ;)







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  • Regular Member

Very nice! I like how everything is so organized :) A place for everything and everything it in its place :D I think this makes it looks bigger. I like it :)

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  • Regular Member

Omg. Where are all the gravel? Why are your moss balls in cups? And where are all the gravel? :rofl

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  • Regular Member

Looks soo good! And it does makes the tank look bigger! I really like the cupped moss balls haha, really creative and fits the scene! :)

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  • Regular Member

Your tank looks awesome! =] the bowl in the middle looks like the one my fish was in when he came from the fair :o ......actually i think his was smaller -.-

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