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In case you're wondering...



In case anyone has noticed, I'm not a moderator anymore. I decided to step down because my commitments at work and home have really been keeping me from doing my job and I thought it was better if I stepped down. I just wanted to let people know in case they thought some sort of drama had occurred, haha :P

In other news, I'm still considering getting a frog but taking my time about it. I might acquire the equipment over the course of the summer and do it that way. I've got the terrarium I would like to get all picked out, just need to buy it!


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Well don't stray too far or we will miss you too hard!

I am becoming more of a fan of the set-it-up-gradually approach as I work my way through a similar approach myself. You can take the time to make adjustments and do research on all kinds of things. :D

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I absolutely understand :) After all, we all got our lives outside of Koko's, and that life should be a priority! Still, I hope we will still see you on here a lot :)

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Wait, wait, wait. The coup that you plotted to become Ruler of the Known Universe doesn't count as drama? :o:rofl:tomuch:

Chrissy, your absence on the moderating team will be missed quite a lot, but I know that you will still be around, participating in the forums and offering your valued thoughts on the board whenever you can. You are at that really exciting (but extremely busy) part in life, and so it's totally understandable that you have to re-prioritize things. :)

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OK, sorry to be a party pooper, but I don't understand. You should put your life on hold for your Koko's friends and commitment here. ;)

Don't get too busy!! We will miss you!!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. It's a strange feeling not to be a mod. I"ll see something and think "oh I better move that" and then realize I can't anymore :rofl

But I think I've made the right decision. i'm still here helping out, just not in the same capacity. :heart

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