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Enjoying my new books!



A couple days ago the new fish books I ordered came in the mail and I am enjoying them thoroughly (great recommendations made by the kokos team!)

I got Fundamentals of Ornamental Fish Health (Edited by Helen Roberts)


and Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (by Edward Noga)


I have decided to start with the Roberts book. I don't have a ton of time to read for pleasure until the end of May, but I have started reading about 10-15 pages a night.

I am not a biology major in any sense so all of the concepts are quite new to me and google is my best friend for looking up unfamiliar terminology, but I love how technical the Roberts book is while still being accessible to my non-biologist brain. Our fish truly have amazing anatomy and physiology!

Anyway, if you can't tell I am totally geeking out on these books. :fishtank Interestingly, much more so than I did when I got my Fancy Goldfish book (which is also a great book, but for some reason I am enjoying these ones much more).

I highly recommend both if you are looking for some summer reading! :P


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Enjoy! Pretty soon we are going to have to call you Dr. Tithra. :)

:rofl don't get carried away there shawn :P

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they're all good books, i have a few more specifically for their genetics.. it's amazing how we read information here and online, then run to the books for further clarification.. "hmmm, now i know what that means" :rofl

my favourite is the book of Noga.. but the genetic books are far simpler to read and understand or clarify what the book of Noga tried to teach you. lol

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I LOVE the Helen Roberts book, especially the chapter on stress. It's nice to see someone finally address how serious stress can affect fish health.

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I love them both. Noga is more of a reference tome, and Roberts is eminently more personable! :)

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