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Redecorating! :)



Hey! :)

Today I decided that I would redecorate my tank! I want to sort of go barebottom, just for a change. I think it would be fun to try :) So i went to micheals and bought some river rocks, some glass pebbles, glass plant pots, and a little glass bowl! :) Over the next few weeks or so, I will gradually remove my gravel, as to not disrupt the cycle (unless somebody knows a faster way! :) ), and i will redecorate it something like this:


I planned it out on a towel, if you couldn't tell ;) Any suggestions/ideas/criticism is appreciated! :)

I am going to scatter a little bit of gravel in the empty space to keep the little guys entertained. They sure do love sifting through their gravel, those silly little guys. :)

And i will put some plants in the glass pots, of course! :)

Pictures soon to come after it's done! :)



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Looks really good!!! Just one thing - I dunno how big your fishies are, but my guys looooove to try squeeze between the glass sides and the glass pots and knock them over, which gets annoying very fast. If you leave enough room for them to be able to swim behind them easily should be fine :D

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Thanks for thinking of that, Shukura! :) that's a good thought. I'll be sure to space them out a bit more! Thank you! :)

I finally finished washing, boiling, vinegar-ing, and re-washing all the rocks and glass pebbles! :) yay! And I washed out all the glass pots and the bowl :) :)

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