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Time to say bye to the babies



Welp. I think they're ready to go to their new homes. They sure have grown! That's an adult, full-grown demasoni in the back there for size perspective. I've got the remaining adults in with the fry while I figure out where in the heck I"m going to put the 55g in the new place. The babies were right at home with their moms! I might have some more little blue babies soon, as well. :)



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they look wonderful and healthy! if i were closer and in the market for these, i would happily snap a few up!

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That's fantastic, Elli. Make more babies, little demasonis :)

Will you be keeping a few?

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They look great! You did an awesome job with them. Must feel great that the hard work of raising them paid off! Good luck with moving them :)

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How cute and what dramatic moms! That coloring is so neat.

Good luck with the move and congrats on the hard work of raising them.


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