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Bubbles showing his 'true' colours



So, as it seems, Bubbles has decided that he just is not happy being pure white and orange and want's to be a little different (thank god! I can hardly tell them apart!)

A few weeks ago he seemed to look a little 'off' if that makes sense. I thought he was getting ill or something since his fins were looking really pale and so was his face. A few days later the pale parts began to go a dull yellow, and now they are a really vibrant yellow.

I don't know why, but the camera wouldn't pick the yellow up at all, so I made a video instead. It still isn't too great, since every fin has yellow on it and so does the underside of his body. You can definitely see some difference when he and Momo are together. From sight it is very bright and noticeable, so the camera doesn't really do justice for it

I am hoping that the colours progress and get really noticeable, but if not, he is still a cute little guy :D

I looked at some photos of more 'mature' red-capped orandas and the face colour change seems to be a pale pink just like a lot of the images, so I think that is a sign of him maturing a little, but who knows?!

Heres the video :)



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  • Regular Member

boy they are little beggars!! FEED ME FEED ME i can almost here them saying haha

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  • Regular Member

I think if you brighten up the room you might be able to see it better, the light is filtering through its fins at the back of them and the area between the camera and the fish is dark.

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  • Regular Member

thanks, can't brighten the room up anymore, we really need new light fittings since it is one light in a big room :) Yes, they love their food!

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  • Regular Member

I'm glad he decided to be a little different. Telling them apart would have driven me nuts :rofl

haha I am glad too!

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  • Regular Member

lol. they are so excited!

I know! all they want is food and Bubbles is getting so fat!

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  • Regular Member

They are so cute!!! :) I see the yellow :)You spelled colors wrong, mister! :rofl

Thanks :)

hahaha I spelt it correctly, and so did you ;) ooh inception! :P

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