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Siamese fighting fish Biology EEI (extended experimental investigation)



So for my senior biology EEI we got a choice to chose one scientific experiment for the whole year (split up into sections), or one topic for one unit of work. I decided to go with Siamese fighting fish since I have had the most experience with them and bacterial issues than any other type of fish.

The experiment I chose to do was the bacteriostatic abilities of Indian almond leaves and aquarium salt at getting rid of fin rot.

So far I have spent the year gathering all of my research, and testing what is in Indian almond leaves (the tannins released from the leaves) since there has been very little scientific research in them. I can't actually post my whole investigating task here until after it has been assessed and marked as the work would no longer be accredited for.

Interestingly enough, with the help of my teacher, he found that quercetin was one of the flavonoids released from the leaves because it is considered to have antioxidant properties. The way the leaves mimic the natural environment also impacts the general health of the fish. The reason I have chosen to test the bacteriostatic abilities of IAL is because there has actually been no research confirming that they can be used as a natural medication for treating fin rot (and work of course). All I really have to go off is the leaves chemical properties, the tannins released, and the flavonoids it contains. There are also a lot of rumours and articles about using leaves that say they were traditionally used as natural medications to 'strengthen' fish before battle, and to help them heal after fighting, as well as it being used as medication on people to help with internal parasites, eye conditions, and arthritis.

Since there is already plenty of research confirming the bacteriostatic abilities of aquarium salt, I am using it as a comparison to see just how 'bacteriostatic' the leaves are compared to the aquarium salt.

Because of this experiment, I have a lot to talk about and a lot of variables to consider such as temperature, water chemistry, diet, dosage amounts , consistency of treatment, duration of treatment, as well as other health issues the fish have such as ammonia burns, internal damage from cold water conditions, and external wounds from fighting. So at the moment I have only just finished gathering all of my research and actually organising my methods and procedures

I got the two fish today after setting up their 10L QT tanks (heated and pH at 7.0) for two days previous. I decided to test the ammonia of the water they came in and here is a picture showing how bad it was!


Anyway, I wont rant any longer until I start the actual experiment! I will be starting IAL and aquarium salt baths twice a day for 10 days tomorrow. I have worked out my dosage amounts for both the salt and leaves... although the leaves were a little tricky! I am really exited about starting the experiment! I have just taken photos of them in a petri dish (on their sides) so I can measure the fins and compare them after the experiment is over.

Here are the two fish! I have two people already taking them after the experiment and after they are all pretty much healthy again!




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I look forward to hearing more about the process.

What level are you in school? Is this college, university or high school? It sounds like a pretty intensive assignment.

good luck!

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I look forward to hearing more about the process.What level are you in school? Is this college, university or high school? It sounds like a pretty intensive assignment.good luck!

this is my grade 12 EEI. We get the criteria sheet and some 'suggestions' but we pretty much can chose whatever we want to do which makes it more interesting. It took me a few weeks to chose though since I had no clue what I wanted to do :)

The first one looks happy already. Look at the breeding stripes :D

I know, Today they already have more colour in them. The ammonia burns have turned red though so I think they are on their way to healing :) I think they are going to have great colours in them but sadly I have no room to keep them

That's a pretty amazing project, Narny. Good luck!

thanks :)

very cool :) I look forward to hearing more.

thanks :) should be fun

Good luck!

thanks :)

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