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Filter placement in aquarium



To some of your guys' annoyance I'm sure :P lol, I've been concerned about current. Since I'm now on a budget, I'm going to try to rearrange the filters and hope that some of the current is canceled out by one another. We'll see. I'll probably do this within the next few days.


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Interesting. I'll be curious to see what you come up with. I find that if I keep my water level nice and high (so there is no splash from the filter output) it does a great job at reducing current in the tank, as most of the current just slides across the top of the water :)

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You have them baffled?

I'm working on it. I've tried directing the output toward the glass - that just made more eddies I think. I put the filters on both sides, originally I thought that if I placed both of them side by side it would be like one inlet and one outlet. And yesterday I have the outlet of the canister flowing diagonally across the tank which seems to work ok so far, no Houdini this morning. (story at the bottom)

I tried ordering a spray bar off of amazon last night, I woke up to find a message in my email saying that the product was damaged and so they would not be able to send it and my money would be coming back soon and the manufacturer had discontinued the product :(

So today, I found one on ebay - I hope it all works. I want my girls to be happy.

I tried putting in a glass vase and see if they use it at all, so far not but I'm hoping that they might, once they get used to it. Today, I may break down and get some fake plants to act as buffers. Finding fake plants with rocks attached to them for the depth of my aquarium might be difficult. But I will try :)

I am still entertaining the idea of placing a sponge over the intake portions of the filters, to baffle some of that current. Narny brought up a good point about stressing the motor...I don't know.

Shenanigans of my skittish fish

Houdini: Yesterday morning, i had awoke to feed the fish. Only one problem, only saw one fish, my red oranda! So now I'm panicking wondering where the other one went (the blue). Could she have jumped out? The glass cover is on and lid closed...look around the aquarium...nope. Look in the aquarium and around the aquarium again...still no. Look in the aquarium again, underneath the "waterfall" of the AC 70 and i see a tail fin sticking out by my UV sterilizer. Now I am scared and worried. I remove the lid, reach in and see what happened. She wedged herself between the bulb casing of the UV and the aquarium wall. I pried it back and she swam free. Gave me quite the scare. She was hard to see because her body was hidden and her tail is grey - everything in the back of my aquarium is either black or grey. lol

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