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One Big, Long, Way-too-excited Ramble :)




Okay, so, I'm warning you, this is just going to be one big, long post about my ridiculous amounts of excitement over the tank I will be getting soon!! Nobody at my house wants to hear about it, but if I post it here, you can read it if you want, but of course you don't have to :) you probably don't have the time or energy to read this, but if you just skim it I'll be happy :)

So, as you know, I have been waiting for quite a while (okay, only like 2 months) to get a new tank, and we are finally getting serious about this!! :) we are currently stand-hunting (my mom wants a piece of furniture rather than a stand made for fish tanks... :-/ ), and we need to find a stand that is both pretty, and able to hold the weight of the tank! :) depending on how big the stand we find is, we will be getting either a 29g or a 40. :) I hope I can get a 40! :) :) :)

I want to get two fish from raingarden. :) here's the plan:

-2 ac70s or 1 ac110

-really good lighting for plants

-a powerhead rather than a bubble wand

-barebottom other than a few rocks and plants (easy cleaning! :) )

And the rest we'll figure out when we get the tank!!

I am more excited then you can possibly imagine! I am so jealous of you people with your fancy raingarden goldies ;)

We should have the tank in less than 2 weeks! :) we are going on a major stand-hunt this weekend :)

Prepare yourselves for an even longer, even MORE excited blog post in a couple weeks or so, when I get everything! :)

Sorry this was such a ramble, I'm just so excited! I've been driving all the subies in the chat room absolutely crazy talking about all my tank plans, so hopefully I got it all out with this blog post :)

Woohoo! :)



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Yay! It is always exciting to get a new tank. I am getting a 30g for my fancies in 2 weeks! :)

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:Congrats: on the upcoming tank and RG fish! :)

Btw, I don't have any fancy RG goldies! :D

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