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Holy Batman, we've got PICTURES! :O



So about half an hour ago I said I was having trouble getting pictures of my fish, I decided to try it with the natural light streaming through the front windows as my camera seems to cope fine outdoors, and hey presto! Lots of reflections but some of the pics aren't blurry!

Crankypants (Pete's fishie)


X and Crankypants, typically the only good shot I get of X is her butt...


The Moor (reflections with our compliments)


And the Ranchu, who never seems to stop moving but is rounding out really nicely, and growing well, she was sooooo obviously stunted when I got her she's going like the clappers to make up for lost time!


It seems like the bottom left of the tank where the sunlight hits is the best photo spot, but of course Moor and Ranchu were on the right, but I felt should be included!


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Mine's actually laminate, I like it because it's easy to clean and the water spillages (of which there so far haven't really been any and which now will be several buckets) are easily soaked up before they do any damage :) They are cold though so I do have giant fluffy slippers for the morning! The bedroom and study have carpet anyway :)

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Pretty fish!

May I ask what is that thing in the next to the last picture under the Black Moor! It looks like some strange alien worm creature!!! Jus' wonderin'!

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The alien worm creature is a branch of driftwood with java moss tied to it and also some algae growing on it :)

Thanks for the nice comments guys :) (not that I'd expect anything else from you lovely lot!)

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