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Why doesn't someone buy them!?!



I live very close to a mall with one of the best lfs's in town. So naturally, whenever I'm in the area I stop in and look at the fish.

For MONTHS now they've had the same batch of goldfish. In fact, I think they are all the same fish who were in the tank when I bought Darwin. None of them are particularly spectacular, but they aren't ugly either. All are medium sized and there's a nice variety (orandas, ryukins, moors).

I'm not in the market for a new fish, but if someone doesn't buy them soon I will be too tempted! There's a sweet little calico and some very nice moors who keep catching my eye.

I'm probably going to be out of town for the month of May. If they're still there when I get back, I'll have no choice but to buy one :P


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Yep, if they're still there when you're back from being out of town, at least one of 'em is meant to be yours!

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I know what you mean. After a while of checking up on them, they sort of feel like they ought to come home with you.

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That's how I came to buy Penny. She was the one lonely little ugly duckling nobody would buy. After seeing her in the tank for about 2 months I finally gave in and bought her....so happy I did now!

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did you get them yet? I keep checking this post thinking there will be and update about you buying them :P

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