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Gel Food! :)




I made gel food for the first time tonight. It turned out really well! I'm excited to see if the guys like it :)

Here's the recipe I used- its a halved and slightly modified version of Alex's. :

It made the perfect amount to last my two little guys for about 3 months or so. I was worried it would make a ton.

Gel food recipe:

- 6 tablespoons canned or bagged tuna (low sodium is best). Substitute: steamed fresh fish (weigh before steaming).

- 8 tablespoons baby food. I've used peas, carrots, and mixed vegetables. Substitute: 4 tablespoons veggies cooked and then puree with 1/2 cup spring or distilled water. (Do not use broccoli [gas] or spinach [interferes with calcium absorption in same food])

- boil 1 egg and use only the egg whites

- blend this together until you get a nice thick pur?e consistency.

- 2 teaspoons of wheat germ

-1 fish oil pill

- 1/4 teaspoon garlic

- crush pellets etc. to a powder, and mix together.

- in a pot with lid, add 1 1/4 tablespoons of agar to 3/4 cups distilled spring/distilled water and turn heat on high

- add the fish eggs mixture and stir slowly but well

- cover with lid and let mixture come to a boil

- once boiling, occasionally lift lid to stir mixture, and let boil for about 3 minutes.

- remove from heat

- in about 5-10 minutes, when mixture has not yet congealed and is warm but touchable, add powder mixture and stir slowly but well

Pour into baking pan. Leave at room temp for 1 hour. By this time you should see a very well gelled product. Cover with Saran wrap and refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Then, cut into 1/4 inch cubes. Separate and freeze on a baking sheet for an hour. Then Put into plastic baggie. Thaw before using. Thaw enough to feed only for 2-3 days max.

For maintenance, feed 1% body weight daily once or several times a day. For growth, 2% - 3% divided into 3-6 meals/day.

*please note: I didn't write this! Alex did! I copied and pasted his recipe and modified it to what I wanted to do. :) thanks Alex! I hope you don't mind.

If I remember, I'll post pictures later, and I'll tell you how the guys like it. Bert and Ernie are hungry! They only got spinach today, everything else makes Bert really floaty :(

Thanks for looking! :)



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  • Regular Member

Yay! I'm so glad it turned out well. I hope B&E like your gel food, and grow lots from it :)

Of course I don't mind...I also modified someone else's recipe :)

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  • Regular Member

here are some really bad pictures of it freezing. Yes, in muffin trays. The big sheets wouldn't fit in the freezer! ;)DDC20D72-E659-4134-81A2-DC8D5B03E3C3.jpg




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  • Regular Member

That looks like it took a long time. Is that for little baby goldfish or adults or both? I may have to try this now that I've got 94 fish.

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  • Admin

Half of that Cube hun.... WOW big peices... you know maybe mine are half an inch thick :o

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  • Regular Member

Designerd- 94????? Wow. You must have a lot of room.

I don't think fry can have this, but young goldfish can, I believe. My fishies are almost 2". :) I hope that helps.

Koko- they really aren't that big. About 1" :) it's just a very close up picture! ;) I'm going to feed 1/2 cube each day :)

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  • Regular Member

haha looks waaaaaay better than my first attempt! Koko, mine are cut to the size of pebbles :P 1 cube a week for mine ;)

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  • Regular Member


You can feed gel food to fry. I raised my four little guys on all sort of stuff. Dropping a tiny piece of gel food in the tank, and the fry (3 weeks and older) will nibble on it. :)

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