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So I have 5 White Cloud Mountain Minnows in the tank. There were 7 at first, but two mysteriously disappeared.

Anyway, there is one fish who has puzzled me. It can't seem to decide if it's male or female.

It's got a pale belly of a female, but a more streamlined shape.

Anyway, now that the two other males & females have paired up, this 5th one is acting kind of depressed. It still eats, but it has taken up residence in a top part of the tank away from where the rest of them hang out. It doesn't swim very much and vary rarely leaves the one top corner of the tank. It is not growing and in fact seems to be getting skinny.

I wonder if it's lonely? The other fish ignore it and it doesn't swim around with the rest of the group at all.

I wonder what's going on?


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