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A Fresh Start



I feel like since the summer I've had a completely new start in life, in pretty much all things, and everything is working out really well for me, which after a rather disastrously stressful (for various reasons) last year of uni is a very welcome relief! I'm living in a new area, have a great little flat which is so much nicer than where I've been previously living, a new(ish - 7 months) relationship which I'm very very happy in, a new job working with great people and learning a lot, and healthy fish! So, with the new Koko's look and options, I thought I'd start a new blog too, but as I'm hoping not to have too much fish drama I am intending to fill it also with all the menial little details that are happening in my life, rather than filling up LOTP and Off Topic :) Lucky you guys huh :P

I've always been moderately rubbish at taking care of plants, forgetting to water them or having them in the wrong place etc, but with my new sunny windowsill by the kitchen I couldn't resist trying to grow some herbs. I bought the Coriander and Chillis on a whim, and started them about 2-3 weeks ago from seed. They seem to be doing pretty well so far :) I've bought some new pots but have refrained from potting on yet as one of the chilli plants came through with not amazingly healthy leaves so I've been giving it some time to grow on a bit before disturbing it, now they're both doing really well and will probably be potted on soon. :)


I've also recently bought a set of Chives, Parsley and Basil which I started this morning, and a pot of Oregano :) Hopefully they all do well too, I have plans to try to make my own pizza with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella or goat's cheese :) (That's right, here you can get pictures of COMPOST! I hope you're as excited as me ;) )


And this is my new herb garden :) (and my oh-so-sexy reflection)


I also took up crochet over the summer, and yesterday finished some slippers for my sister's birthday later this month :) I hope she likes them!


And because no goldfish forum post would be complete without a fishie related picture, this is my tank at the moment. I'm still messing with camera settings trying to get a good picture of the fish themselves <_<



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  • Regular Member

I'm SO happy for you :) It's great to hear that things are looking up!

Your tank reminds me a lot of my current set up! I'll have to get a pic soon.

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  • Supporter

good work sarah! and yay to the nanna socks! :P

it's really good to know that you are happy in life again :)

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very clean herb garden. Mine is a mess and it is outside so it is a bit overgrown.

Love the clean planted look of your tank

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