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OUT, demon fish!



Ok, the gorgeous rosy barbs are going back to the LFS. They are evil!!! They have all my angelfish (even Beelzebub, the biggest jerk angelfish there is) hiding in the plants, they've torn up Gabe's tail and dorsal fin again (it was starting to heal :cry) and as a final straw, they ate one of the Glowy's eyes.

It's too bad because they're really pretty and I love watching them. :(


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Yikes. Are they possessed? They need new names that are more reflective of their nature :o

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I said goodbye to them today. These fish are so fearless they actually SWAM INTO THE NET. :rofl Now I need to get these malawi fry grown and out of here so I can get more rosy barbs and put them in their own tank. :lol

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