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We miss our sister!



As you know, Fluffy is in qt because of bloat and possible dropsy.

The qt tub is right next to the main tank. Last night when I went out there, all 3 little fish were sleeping in the corner of the tank next to where Fluffy was in the qt.

Awwww! so cute.

Fluffy seems better. She hasn't been bottom sitting at all. She's active and hungry, but still looks swollen to me. The scales have gone down completely. BUT she hasn't pooped today. I fed her spinach this morning and this evening...so I don't know what's going on.

I'll do a wc now and see if that moves things along.

Ahh, these fish...they cause us worry!

I was out at brunch today and got to thinking about the fish. I totally lost the track of the conversation because of the one I was having in my head about the fishies.



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I was watching a show with hubby and lost track because I started thinking about the fish. Get well, Fluffy!

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Thanks, all. She's feeling better, but will stay in qt for 2 more weeks to get treated for flukes and eat metromeds.

Thanks to dr alex for all the suggestions.

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Fluffy noms the MetroMeds. She ate 5 of the 6 pellets before they hit the bottom this morning. 1% of her body weight is SO much food...I'm afraid she's going to burst with it all!

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all is going well with Fluffy in qt. She's eating & swimming around with big healthy poops. I'm going to do one more round of Prazi (making 3) and graduall cool down the temp beforeputting her back in the big tank.

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