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Yes, I still have fish!



First of all, this is my first entry in my 'official' blog, but I've had a blog thread going for awhile that can be found here

I haven't been talking about my fish much lately because I have been so busy, and I've been dealing with a dog who wants to eat them, that I admit my involvement in the hobby has been pretty low.

But thankfully the dog is now ok with the goldfish, so I'm hoping to get things rolling again. I still only have one goldie - Penny the ranchu. She shares my 55 gallon with Frosty, a bristle nose pleco.

My tank is in serious need of some work right now. My large aquaclear came unplugged a month ago and I didn't know for a few days (the downside of my new tank cabinet, the filters are very hidden) so I lost the good bacteria in the media. Thankfully I also run a huge canister so the cycle didn't suffer. The plan for now is to just get that filter re-established. Once that's done, I'll move it to a QT tank and get a couple of new babies :)

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