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But we don't LIKE Carrot...



So I was out of leaf veggies this morning, so I thought I'd try carrot.

I boiled it for several minutes until was was super soft and then put it in the clip. They couldn't bite it, so I tried to hand feed them little tiny pieces.

They were all hungry :feedme and took little pieces from my fingers. "Chew, chew. SPITTTUEEE!" :yikes was the response from all 4 of them. They would grab a bit that someone else had spit out and spit it out again.

Then I tried a bit of apple that I'd cooked for my breakfast. Same response. Aww. Poor fishies!

I hoped that they'd eventually get used to it and eat it, but they didn't. The tank bottom had all these little bits of partially chewed apple and carrot all over it. I had to get the siphon out and suck them out.

I gave in and fed them a pinch of the veggie flakes for breakfast. Oh well, better luck next time!


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Mine won't even look at carrots either. I also read that goldfish have a hard time to digest actual carrot, so there really is not much point in feeding it, unless it's an ingredient in gel food :)

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