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Measured Bert!



I was inspired by tithra's fish measuring, and so i tried. After about 10 minutes of struggling, i finally caught Bert, and turns out he is exactly 2 inches (without tail). He's getting to be such a big boy! well..maybe a girl. He's giving me mixed signs ;) one day i decide he's a girl, and the next I'm sure he's a boy...i guess we'll never know! ;)

so anyways, i tried to catch ernie, but he (she?) made it very clear that that was just not gonna happen. Maybe i'll try another day. He's smaller than bert though. I'm not sure how you guys catch your fish so easily! after this i think they hate me! ;)

please, share your "fish-catching-by-hand" techniques with me! ;)



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Lol Blondie for example is IMPOSSIBLE to catch! She is so darn FAST! I have to put food in a transparent bowl and try and make her swim inside. The girls are pretty used to being held I think. Grace will just sit there looking at me like 'you done yet?!' LOL But sometimes she does squirt at me!

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I always feed directly after handling them so that the trauma is wiped clean by food lol.

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Mumford is really fast. He'll swim into my hand now because he thinks it's food, but at first I would drain the tank of 2/3 of the water and then get him over to one corner. I had pretty good luck with this.

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I caught Ernie at one point, but he seemed so traumatized and was so wiggly that I felt kind of guilty and it wasn't like I could measure him while he was flipping around.

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Fluffy doesn't seem to mind being caught and held by hand. The smaller ones are still very frightened. I'm trying to get them used to being hand fed and hope they'll get more comfortable being held.

When I have to catch one of the fish, I use my hand. It's just too dangerous and difficult with a net or bowl. Luckily I don't have to catch them very often.


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