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Fingers crossed!



So my family is seriously considering getting another tank. probably a 30g. I would get two fish from the LFS, my first non-petsmart fish! :) I'm thinking an oranda and a ryukin. they have a bunch of all orange orandas with pom poms :) so cute! and an amazing orange/white ryukin. i have it all planned out (which could be a bad thing, considering we arent positive that we're getting one ;) ). I want a long tank with a glass hood and either 1 AC70 or 2 AC50s. I'm not sure yet. And im still deciding which light fixture, but i want one with a moonlight setting, and 2 bulbs. Im not sure if this is possible, but it would be so cool if there was one with 3 bulbs- one moonlight, one plant-grow light, and one white light. I want to get a couple tall anubias and a couple small ones from the LFS. i want only anubias in that tank. i think it would look cool :) I want a blue background just like the one on my 25, and no gravel on the bottom, just bigger pebbles. the fish will be bigger than Bert and Ernie, so i dont want any gravel getting stuck in their mouths. Ahhh! I cant wait! hopefully we get it sometime soon. :) i think we will.

tell me if you have any suggestions! :) I know im getting too excited about something i might not even get, but i dont really mind. Even if we dont get one (even though I'm 85% sure we will), its still so fun to think about. I've never had an oranda before! :) :)



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Fins crossed! Your plan sounds great! But I don't think you need plant grow lights for anubias, since they are slow growers anyway. It won't hurt to have the plant grow lights. I just mean that if you rather have the moon light, I'd go with a moon light and a day light combo :)

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