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Made a video...why is it blurry?



Hi! i made this video for you (I even narrated for you! :) ), but its so blurry! Why is that? I made it on my cell phone, because i don't know how to put something from a video camera onto the computer. If anybody has an idea or can help, that would be great! but for now, enjoy the blurry video!! ;)th_IMG_2755.jpg


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hehe, they are so cute how they follow each other. I wish it wasn't blurry though :) Your camera should have a cord that connects it to your computer, then you will be able to download the photos/video from your camera to your computer.

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Very cute :) I kept thinking your veggie clip was one of your fish and I was like, "oooh, Mandie, something is horribly wrong.." hahaha.

They seem quite attached to each other. I love it :D

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very cute video, maybe its blurry because your battery was low? That happens on my camera. Or maybe not quite enough light in the room might do it too.

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Lol Emily now that I have a clownfish, I should put them in the toilet with some bleech! ;)

They follow eachother everywhere. Silly guys ;)

Cindy- interesting thought...my battery is pretty darn low...hmm. I have an idea. I'll try reporting it in a few minutes.

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darn. i uploaded it to my computer, but it won't upload to photobucket :( and i can't figure out how to email it either. bummer. sorry guys

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