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Nothing new for now



Despite all my talk of new pets, I've decided not to add anything just yet.

To my surprise, my hermit crab is still going strong (I thought he wasn't well) so I'm going to keep him in the 15 gallon tank and hold off on getting toads. I'd still like to sometime, but not yet.

And as for the betta....Jim and I were walking around the lfs yesterday and I looked at the bettas, mentioniong how I'd love to get another one. His response..."please, please no." :rofl

It's not often he objects to pets, but I guess he feels the house is full. So to be nice I'll refrain...for now ;)

I've also thought about how busy I'm going to be this spring, including doing a lot of traveling, so no new pets just yet.

My goldfish are doing wonderful though. Darwin is growing already! He and Penny still have a nice little bond, they're so fun to watch.


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