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Decided to start a blog...



With much hesitation I decided to start a blog lol. Not sure how good I'll be at updating it because not many exciting things happen with my tanks (which I guess is generally a good thing), but we'll see.

I got a new Eheim canister today. I bought it to replace the Zoo Med 501 nano canister that I have been running on the betta tank. I really like the 501, but my bf's music studio is in the same room as the betta tank and he complains that it is louder than the AC used to be. So, I bought an Eheim 2211, it's the smallest canister they make, it's quite cute. I am not sure if it will be too much flow for the betta tank or not, but it does come with a spray bar so we'll see. BUT the crappy thing is that it came with a chipped piece, so now I need to ship it back and get a new one :(

I also finally got my Drs Foster and Smith order that originally got shipped to the wrong house a couple weeks ago. I ordered the Fluval 88 g co2 kit for the betta tank because I didn't like how big the diffuser was on the fluval mini co2 kit. I also got some different seachem flourish products like Trace and Iron to try out. My baby tears have started looking a little brown in spots so I am hoping one of these things will help to perk them up.

I also noticed this morning that puff has a little funky spot on his wen, it's a little whiter than the rest of his wen, but not in the typical wen growth sort of way, so I need to keep an eye on that and make sure it doesn't turn red like those two other spots he had before. I am very happy I decided to keep him in QT longer this time! I hate not having them together, but he may be in there for awhile just so that I can ensure he is stable before he goes back in the main tank.

I have been using an auto feeder to get him 1% of his body weight in jump start the last couple weeks (it feeds him 4 times throughout the day when I am gone and then I do a couple more feedings when I get home at night). I am really excited to weigh him again soon and see if he's put on a little more weight. He gained about 4 grams when he was on the MMs, so I am hoping the jump start will also help with his growth. He needs to catch up to Edie!

Anyway, that's all that is going on here right now :)


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you have not had a very succesful online shopping time now have you? haha. Hope puff is ok! There is always one fish in a pair that gets all of the issues isn't there?.... mine certainly do haha

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