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Very interesting. And quite unexpected!



So I got my fish from Rain Garden today. They've just moved to the tank, and I took a quick video which I will share if it ever finishes uploading. They're doing okay but they seem really stressed.

Here is what is interesting and unexpected though. For kicks, I thought I would measure the pH and ammonia of their shipping water. The pH was 6.8, not too bad. But the ammonia was pefectly yellow = ZERO. What? No way. So I tested it again. Same results. Now I'm freaking out thinking my ammonia test kit must be screwed up and OMG HOW MANY OF MY TANKS ACTUALLY HAVE AMMONIA AND MY TEST SAID IT WAS FINE. So then I tested my tap water, and it came up with its usual 1ppm. So wow! Major Kudos to Steve at Rain Garden for whatever he does to have them in a bag for two days and have no ammonia. I'm still not sure how this is possible. I might go test it again.


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That's so funny you mentioned this because I thought about testing the bag water from today too. I noticed there was zero poop in the bag. Maybe he (literally) fasted the crap out of them? lol

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How weird. But hey that's great for the fish. Hope they settel in. Good luck with quarentine.

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From Raingarden: Fish Shipping

Prior to shipping, your fish will be isolated, checked for parasites, and will not be fed for several days to purge them. This step dramatically improves water quality during shipping.

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That is really cool! When I got my last Wal Mart fish, the bag in which the fish was for like 30 minutes showed a nice medium-deep green ammonia :rofl (which means that their tanks already are full of ammonia).

But that is impressive. If I ever actually buy a fish online, it's gonna be with Steve :)

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That's impressive.

Last month, I got a tiny lionhead, and he was in the bag for about 1-1/2 hours. I didn't test the water, but the poop in the bag was unbelievable -- and from such a little fish! We named that one Poopsie. :)

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