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Fuzzy white speckle?



hey guys :) i didn't want to make a D&D thread for this, but maybe you can help me out?

bert used to have a little hole in his tail fin-- like someone poked it with a pin. really small. now where that hole used to be, it is fuzzy and white. is it healing, or is fungus growing on it? here's a pic :)


thank you!



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if it looks like a cottony growth then it is a fungus, just watch it a little and if it doesn't clear up within a few days then I would just do a fungal treatment. Usually fin regrowth at a small scale like that should look like normal fin within a week after healing can be seen :)

If you feel like it is a fungal problem and want to treat just to be sure then that should do no harm. Malachite green is great for fungal problems. You can buy a produce called 'multicure' by aquamaster that is not harsh on the actual biological filter. I find a half dose gets the job done well- the full dose is really for extreme cases. Otherwise what ever product you are familiar with. Maybe try aquarium salt to kill off the fungal spores? Aquarium salt would actually be a win-win situation!- help the fins heal and get rid of possible fungal spores!

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if there was a hole there, then definitely what you're seeing is the hole, healing.. you can help this along by mildly salting.. i say if you will, 0.05% should do it just fine :)

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Okay! Great, thank you! Narny, thank you for the advice, but I try to only use meds if they are absoloutely necessary :) stakos, it has a tiny little fluffy thingy on it...is that normal? I will add salt at my next wc :) I think I will leave it in for 1 week.


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