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Poopy plecos



Look at this little guy. Cute, right?


That clean area where he is was absolutely COVERED in brown algae a few days ago so he is definitely doing his job!

Now a warning... I'm about to post gross photos of an algae covered tank and poo. I am AMAZED at how much poop these fish produce. I vacuumed it all out less than 24 hours ago, and now look.




Seriously! That is less than 24 hours. Crazy! Glad they are eating the algae though. I haven't fed them anything else.


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Wow! Glad he's doing his job, though :) When I had plecos, their poop was too heavy for the siphon. It was frustrating.

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Poopy! I think you need to meet my new friend, Mr. Eheim Gravel Vac Pro :rofl

Seriously, that thing makes picking up stuff from the tank bottom so easy! I am loving it :)

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I have the water changer attached to the sink in the bathroom right next to that tank (we don't really use that bathroom unless it's an emergency :rofl) so I just stick it in and off it goes. I didn't yesterday though. You should see it today. :blink:

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Alex, where does the "stuff" go with that vac? In a chamber? It doesn't look like it has a hose...

This is why I love that vac. It's cordless (battery operated), and the "stuff" go into a mesh chamber and stay in there, much like a vacuum. When you are done, you simply turn off the vac, lift it out of the water, the water drains through the mesh, and then you wash out the mesh chamber. It works pretty well. I like it mainly because the convenience of not having to hook up the python and then refilling the tank with more water after vacuuming :)

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