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Let there be light!



So I got home tonight and set up the new light fixture. This is the one I got http://store.seacorals.net/deblsohe2do4.html It has a blue tube, a daylight tube, and blue leds for that disco look.

I love the way it looks. The fish pop, you can see the littles from across the room, and I am sure the plants are going to love it! Fluffy's white seems so silvery in the brightness.

It seems crazy to me that the leds are always on, but at least they don't use much electricity.

I realize it's meant to be a saltwater light...but it's here now and if there are problems, I can change out the blue bulb. I just hope I don't get a bunch of algae growing.

Anyway, I'd post a picture but my camera is out of batteries. I'll have to get some tomorrow.

Take care!



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I just noticed that Fluffy is really floaty.

He was fine when I got home and fed them.

He was gulping air after he ate, and now he's floating tail up. Every once in a while he struggles to swim down, but floats right back up.

They had peas for dinner after fasting yesterday. Everyone else is fine. I wonder what's up?

Poor guy!

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how cool (about the lights! not floaty fluffy!)!! enjoy them!

I'm sorry about fluffy :( i hope he's better really soon! I'm sure he'll be fine in an hour or two :)

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