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Fish torture!



I am a mean fish mom! :wa

Last night I put the pellets to soak in a shot glass and rested it on the top of the tank. Then I got distracted and went on to do something else. Fifteen minutes later, I came back.

The whole crew was crammed in the corner under the shot glass. They could see the food, but couldn't reach it. :feedme Oh I felt so bad!!! I had to laugh though, because those fish knew exactly what was in the glass and they wanted it bad!

My new light is here and I'll set it up on the weekend. It has the blue moonlights that are on all the time. I don't really understand why...anyway, I'll see how it goes. I hope that the new lights will boost the plants, and also allow me to take some better pictures of the crew. We are long overdue for a photoshoot - everyone grew in January.



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I thought this was something very serious but such a cute story! I usually feed my fighter fish's blood worms off a stick and I accidentally left it next to my tank, so the fish jumped out! Luckily he lived- I was there when he did it!

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