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Little piggies are piggies



Last night was pea night...I'd been away since Friday night, so they had fasted 24 hours when I got home. I defrosted 5 peas in the microwave and smushed them out of their shells. The fish were so desperate for food , that I forgot to make some of them into small pieces.

Fluffy hoovered up 2 or 3 before they hit the bottom and was madly chewing. The littles attacked the pieces as they fell. Jelly (the smallest goldie) grabbed one piece and managed to break it into two halves and started munching. Emma Goldman scooped up the other half.

Hercule Poirot, managed to snag the biggest piece of pea. It was so big that he couldn't chew it, but he wouldn't let go of it to get a better hold. He was chewing and chewing, but couldn't really make any progress. He was swimming around with a big pea sticking out from his mouth. Finally I took pity on him, and put my hand in the water and grabbed the pea from him. Then I fed it to him in smaller pieces....He's still afraid of my hand, so I eventually had to drop it in front of him. It made me realize that I haven't trained the new fish to eat out of my hand. That's something that I'll need to do soon.

On other news, my Valentine's Day present was waiting for me when I met up with sweetie on Friday. It's a new 48" light fixture with 2 T8 bulbs and blue led's. It's the same as Shawnee and Ashlee have. I can hardly wait to set it up. I think the plants are going to love it.

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Lol! I love the mad food dash. I wish I could teach my daughter to go that crazy for peas. :)

You will love the light. What a sweet gift!

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