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Sigh..... what's more fun than pea night? Bloodworm night! Weeeeee!



I love bloodworm night, they are so funny with those. I especially love the orange and white petsmart oranda, she grabs a big clump of them and just inhales LOL!


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LOL yeah thawing is a good idea. You don't HAVE to but I am not sure how good it is for the fish to eat something that is actually frozen. In addition when thawed, it is easier for all of the fish to get some. I usually add them in slowly and make sure they get eaten and that everyone gets some. Just add them away from the filters! I once had half the contents of a frozen shrimp cube getting sucked into the filter. Then I had to clean it because I didn't want to uneaten food to rot in the media. Duh!

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I place mine in a little cup of tank water to thaw. Then I have plastic eye dropper like thing that I suck them up in & squirt them into the tank. The goldies go wild..................going to thaw some now!! :)

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Oh my goodness, my fish go nuts with bloodworms too. I put them in a small measuring cup of tank water and then wait a minute or two for them to separate and thaw a little. No matter how slowly and gently I ease them into the tank, the fish go after them and eat them in a flash. Btw, my husband doesn't even like to look at the worms. Too funny!

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