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Change of plans. (Thats allowed)



I put the divider int he 30 gallon. Gave the four betta and the other two angelfish the larger side and put the pair on the left side. Cam is down right now but it well be back up this evening and you can have a look.

Now I need some moss to grow on the divider so it looks like it belongs. lol

Shhh don't tell but got me a couple frogs and a dragon scale betta for the 5 gallon to go with my three shrimp.


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Very cool. I've just been toying with the idea of a couple frogs and a bettta. I'd love to hear all about yours when you get them.

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LOL So far so good. Even saw one of them eat flake food. But do need to get something better for them to eat. Ill post pictures soon. The new betta boy is a little shy right now.

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LOL I hope it all works out! :D Cool that your frogs eat flakes! Mine only want frozen foods, spoiled little brats. I'm trying to find HTH frog pellets, they are supposed to be very good for ADFs.

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