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Got to move fish again.



Got to get that angel pair out of the 30 gallon and I don't want to give them away. I also don't have time right now to make a divider for the 75. Mostly I would not trust it with me not there to keep an eye on a homemade one. so here is the plan

Get a divider for the 55. Move the oscar and pleco into the 55. Move the firemouth and two loaches into the 30 (it can handle the bioload and there is a nice spot the firemouth can hang out in and feel like it is his) Put the pair (Angel and Buffy) Into the 55 with the divider giving oscar the more room. Put my goldfish in the 75 gallon.

My Karma is still only about 10 inches. So this can work till I can come up with something else when I get to stay home. I can up the water changes on the 55 since Bobby is helping with one a week on Karmas tank just got to get it in his head to stop over feeding that fish, I can do a second one when I go home.

That pair Angel (the black one) and Buffy (What I named the zebra one when I relized they had paired up.) Are just bulling the whole tank. So it looks like I have no fish in there except them cause the rest are hiding.

PS really need to download a spell checker. Can't type or spell.


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I'm sorry you're having to deal with this on top of everything else, they really know how to time things like this <_< And it's not like your fish are all small and easy to move around either :(

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Sounds like you have everything pretty much under control though! Do they not sell dividers for 75 gallon tanks? Now that I think of it, at least at Petsmart I only ever saw dividers for 55 gallon tanks.

Since the 75 is wider, how about getting two 55g dividers, and glueing them together with super glue to be 18 inches wide. Cut one to be not as wide, so you have only a 1" overlap where you glue them together. That will take approximately 15 minutes to do. Might not look very pretty, but it sure should work! Definitely less work than moving all the fish around :D

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