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Karma and angels not a good idea



The angels look really rough this morning. Chunk missing from the veil tails tail. Looks like the Oscar or the pleco got a hold of my black angels side. So they are back in the 30.

I have found a divider for the 30 but can't find one for the 75. So might just get that one Friday and dived the 30 gallon tank.

Also figured out what is going on with my cam. My upload speed is way to slow. Hubby is going to upgrade my internet. In the mean time I have changed the settings in hopes it well stay up longer if I use less bandwidth.

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Oh no! Bummer! I hope it all works out. Using a third of the length of the 75 for the angels would give them an 18x16" area for themselves; would that be enough for a pair of angels? That equals about 25 gallons for these two.

That would be awesome, unless Karma would be unhappy with the shorter space for him. :D

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